Labor’s Community Service Agency assists families by providing housing, but also works to create long-term change by teaching families basic life skills. For motivated families looking to repair their lives, LCSA provides the necessary resources and support to be successful!

Each LCSA program has its own application procedure. If the program you are interested in is not listed below, please call our office for more information: (602) 263-5741.

Do you have a stable place to live?
To apply for our
Transitional Housing Program,
please call the Family Housing Hub at 602-595-8700.



The Affordable Housing Program has an extensive wait list.  It can take over 3 years for housing to become available.  Please complete the attached application:   

LCSA Affordable Housing Application.

For questions, please contact the Housing Manager: or 602-263-5741



Is the lack of affordable and reliable transportation preventing you from achieving financial independence?  Are you willing to engage in a 24 month financial empowerment program that connects you to a vehicle with affordable monthly payments and 100% maintenance?


LCSA is currently accepting new applications for the SHIFT Program and will be reviewed beginning July 1, 2017.  To download the updated application process and application, please click below:

SHIFT Application process

SHIFT application 2017