Mission, Vision & Values

“To serve the general welfare of the community and to advocate for health and human services that meet the needs of all members of the community, especially the most vulnerable and dependent.”

Guiding Principles & Values

While pursuing our mission, we will:

  • Work towards the best interest of the people we serve.
  • Act honestly and openly in all matters.
  • Hold ourselves accountable to each other, to our clients, our board members,
    our funders, and the public.
  • Hold the highest standard of service for all interactions.
  • Challenge ourselves to always cultivate and refine our programs and services.

Key Issues

Based on our mission, we will focus on the following issues that impact the Valley:

  • Lack of affordable housing.
  • Lack of reliable, affordable transportation.
  • Instituting a living wage.
  • Expansion of services to populations such as the disabled, seniors, disadvantaged youth and low- income families.
  • Prevention and diversion assistance to reduce homelessness in our community.