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In 1974 Labor’s Community Service Agency (LCSA) was built upon a partnership between United Way and AFL-CIO to provide outreach and referral services to union members throughout the community. Subsequently, LCSA developed programs to address the emerging needs of all the members of the community. Almost 40 years later, LCSA continues its mission “to serve the general welfare of the community and to advocate for health and human services that meet the needs of all members of the community, especially the most vulnerable and dependent.”

To accomplish this mission LCSA implements a wide variety of social-service programs that include Transitional and long-term affordable housing; owner-occupied home rehabilitation; foreclosure intervention; reliable transportation (vehicles); emergency assistance; and job training for disadvantaged youth through YouthBuild.

For a non-profit social service organization the challenge is always securing enough funds to meet the needs of the clients being served. This past year we experienced an increasing number of working families seeking help to meet their basic needs, unfortunately, we weren’t able to accommodate all the requests for assistance we received. However, we were able to make a meaningful difference in the lives of over 3,000 people.

Low wage jobs, the housing dilemma, unemployment, etc., put an enormous strain on working families, particularly those with one income. LCSA is committed to serving those in our community who are struggling to provide basic needs for themselves and their children.


Jake Sedillo

Jake Sedillo, Executive Director

Director’s Note
I’m proud to be part of a unique organization where working families can find the support they need to accomplish self-sufficiency. Since becoming the Executive Director in 2012, I’ve been blessed to witness the immeasurable self-validation a client feels after accomplishing a goal that he/she didn’t think possible; the pride of a client driving away in his/her own car; the relief of a homeowner who avoided foreclosure; and the self-determination to end the cycle of homelessness. I am humbled by the growing needs of our community but grateful to the staff’s dedication and the community partnerships and support that make it all possible.



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