SHIFT Program awarded a grant through the Phoenix IDA

May 24, 2017 – Labor’s Community Service Agency (LCSA) is expanding its innovative car ownership program to serve more Phoenix families, thanks to an award from the Phoenix IDA announced this week. “Securing Help In Family Transportation,” or SHIFT, is the only affordable car purchasing program for working families in Arizona.

SHIFT provides families with a vehicle and allows them to enter into an agreement where they pay a modest monthly car payment/program fee that includes a 100 percent maintenance coverage agreement for 24 months. During those two years, families have the security of knowing their vehicle is covered from oil changes to transmission repairs, thus giving them the ability to focus on building their long-term financial stability.

SHIFT is intended for families with an income below 80 percent of the area median income who identify a lack of transportation as the primary barrier to achieving a living wage and economic stability.

“The single most expensive and valued component of the SHIFT program is the total maintenance coverage agreement,” said Jake Sedillo, executive director of LCSA. “For many low-income families, one unexpected auto repair can erase their entire savings, or force them to choose between paying for their car repairs or necessities like rent or utilities,” added Sedillo.

The Phoenix IDA, a nonprofit organization, is financially supporting the SHIFT program through its recent competitive grant process. “The Phoenix IDA is making an investment in working families by helping expand this unique and meaningful program,” said Juan Salgado, executive director of the Phoenix IDA. “A reliable vehicle is essential to securing and retaining employment and can be a key to a family’s financial success,” continued Salgado.

“This amazing program is allowing me to keep my employment after my previous vehicle was constantly breaking down threatening my family’s financial security,” stated Jaime, a single mother with three children, who now has a SHIFT vehicle because of the award from the Phoenix IDA.

LCSA is currently accepting applications for the SHIFT Program.